Hear How Our Practice Members Feel

"Being in the limousine business and spending many hours sitting behind the steering wheel caused me major neck and shoulder pain. The long hours sitting on the car also caused severe lower back pain and stiffness.

After the first two visits, I started to feel a big difference and less discomfort in my whole body. After leaving the office I felt as if I was born again and like I had a new lease on life.

I now have more energy and enthusiasm in my life.”

-Mike T.

“I became a patient of Dr Bill’s in August after suffering from neck and back problems after being in a car accident. I was also under a lot of stress trying to keep up with housework and helping my family with their health challenges.

Acupuncture had given me some relief but since beginning chiropractic I feel much better and I am able to do much more physically. I now feel better than even before I was in the accident. My overall health has improved dramatically.

Everyone in the office is very professional and helpful. Dr Bill listens to what you have to say about your injury and he goes over the progress you have made. When you come to his office everyone is so compassionate about you and it really helped me mentally as well as physically. Dr Bill is the best!

-Gloria K.

“My initial reason to visit Dr Bill resulted from my wife’s suggestion 5 years ago. I really was unfamiliar with chiropractic care but I knew that no harm would come so I visited Dr Bill to see if he could help my rotator cuff problem instead of surgery. Within 4 visits I had tremendous results and could once again play tennis.

Since my initial success, I am a firm believer that chiropractic visits are part of wellness that are in my plans forever. I choose to visit weekly and if travel interrupts, as soon as I return. Dr Bill is a special healer and we are blessed to experience his gift of care and kindness.

Chiropractic care is very reasonable when you understand the benefits to your health. There may be other wonderful doctors but none are better or nicer than Dr Bill and his friendly team.”

-Robert W

“I initially visited Dr Bill’s office for annoying neck pain and discomfort. I had tried a heating pad, creams, ice, and lots of pills with no real relief. After a thorough evaluation, Dr Bill explained to me so I could understand what was causing my pain.

Upon beginning a course of care, I have experience great results with increased energy and flexibility. I feel well adjusted and the pain is gone.

I plan to continue care to stay healthy and avoid any future problems. For anyone considering chiropractic care, but is unsure about it, I recommend that you see Dr Bill. He has magic hands!”

-Ann D.

“I first visited Dr Bill back in 2005 for back and bladder problems. My lower back was chronically giving me problems and I was limited in doing many household chores.

I can now say that I am doing great! Dr Bill has worked wonders and my spinal adjustments keep me felling so much better. I highly recommend Dr Bill and I have given Dr Bill’s name to many others that I think would benefit from chiropractic care.

I’ve seen the difference with the computerized scans which shows a definite improvement. Coming in twice monthly for my adjustments keeps me at my best!”

-Ross R

“I first became a patient in 2006. I had been under chiropractic care for a number of years prior to visiting Dr Bill for maintenance care. My primary complaints were my left hip and lingering vertigo (dizziness). Recently, my presenting symptoms were not being alleviated. My sleep had been disrupted due to discomfort in my hip and I still experienced vertigo, so I sought out Dr Bill.

He has been focused and committed to correcting the cause of my symptoms and I have been pleased with my progress. My vertigo is gone and I am much more comfortable overall. I firmly believe in the benefits of chiropractic care and Dr Bill’s genuine care for his patients.”

-Janice I.

“When I first visited Dr Bill, my initial complaints were lower back pain and headaches. I had tried heating pads and Advil with no lasting relief. The pain would slow me down causing me to have less energy to do the things that I enjoy.

Now I am feeling better. I am more aware of how my body is feeling and I am also more mentally alert. I feel that chiropractic is a successful way of staying healthy without relying on medications. Anyone should consider going for the overall health benefits.”

-Rosanne M

“My initial reason for visiting Dr Bill was for relief of frequent lower back pain. My primary doctor prescribed muscle relaxers which didn’t resolve the problem.

As a teacher, work had been difficult because of the pain and I was not able to stand for long periods of time. The pain also prevented me from exercising.

After beginning chiropractic care, my back pain was almost completely gone. Work has been much better and I have returned to exercising again. I have continued under chiropractic care and I have not only been relieved of my back pain, but overall my sense of well being has improved. I would advise anyone considering chiropractic care to try it!”

-Judy M.

“For years, I have suffered from knee pains and a left shoulder problem from a torn rotator cuff. I was not able to lift my left hand more than a few inches and I was not able to walk up or down steps. I saw many different doctors and took lots of different pills for temporary relief of the pain.

After my first few adjustments with Dr Bill I could raise my arm above my shoulder and I can walk steps better than I did before. I absolutely will continue care because it helped my problems and I feel great in general.

It not only helped my individual problems but it helped my body overall. I feel very good and it has continued.”

-Nathan D.

“I began care with Dr Bill for back pain and neck pain with associated tinnitus. My experience has been excellent. Everyone in the office is very friendly and helpful in all regards. Unlike most practices, Dr Bill spends the extra time required to ensure that the patient has been well treated. He spends the extra time during the adjustments when needed, rather than being rushed out the door, as I’ve experienced in other offices.

I have had relief of the pressure on my neck and reduction in my ear tinnitus. The care I have received has helped me to cope with my neck and back pain, as well as improving the quality of my life.”

-Tod W.

I began chiropractic care at The Health and Wellness Center in June 2005. I think Dr Bill and his staff are wonderful and I wish a lot more doctors offices were as pleasant to go to.

After falling down my front steps, it really caused me a lot of pain in my back and right arm but after only two visits, I feel like I did before. Dr Bill has also helped to eliminate the pain that I would get in my legs when I walk. Also, I’ve noticed a big difference in how much better my body feels overall.

It’s really helped me to be able to walk more and I also sleep more comfortably now. My back and body are feeling much better since I’ve started coming to the office.” -Heidi B.

“I visited Dr Bill for the first time in 2001. For many years I have had severe back problems, pain and spasms which often lasted for days. I was diagnosed with scoliosis and received massage therapy and chiropractic care, which always helped for short periods.

Since my first visit to Dr Bill my life has changed. With regular visits to his office my pain is under control. During the last few years I have had other problems which were all treated and helped by Dr Bill. I wish he could be my personal chiropractor.

I am convinced that everybody would benefit from regular chiropractic care. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to convey to people how important and helpful it is for everyone’s wellness to see a good chiropractor.”

-Christine W.

“On the first day I visited the office I had a lot of pain. I was unable to turn my neck at all and the stabbing pain was shooting to my arm. The only way I could get relief from the pain was to hang my arm up over my head.

After my first visit, I was able to walk out of the office almost with significant relief and increased flexibility. It’s terrific!

Now I have no upper back or neck pain and additionally, I no longer have lower back pain and stiffness after running. The adjustments keep me pain free and they allow me to stay active and maintain a healthier lifestyle.”

-Tim G.

“I enjoy coming to the office and I think that it is a great place. Since my fiancé recommended I come and get adjusted, I feel better, sleep better, get sick less and feel more in touch with my body. I also appreciate the reminder calls to keep me well adjusted.”

-Julie H.

“I have been a patient of Dr DeMio’s dating back to 2001, when his practice was located in Secaucus. From the beginning, I found Dr DeMio to be very professional, educated and caring of his patients. I always came away feeling better from any injuries I sustained in my active lifestyle. It has always been an enjoyable experience to visit his office.

Aside from the alleviation of pain and discomfort in my body, I sleep better and I am able to stay active and recover faster!

I have resumed playing many of the sports that I used to enjoy and I’ve been able to maintain an exercise regime. The adjustments also allow me to work in the office without having constant discomfort.”

-Eric H.

“My initial complaints included a pinched sciatic nerve, neck pain, back pain and overall I did not feel great in general. I tried various doctors, specialists, had back surgery, took pills, and tried to exercise to relieve the pain.

The pain was so excruciating that I couldn’t do anything and I went into severe depression. It changed my whole life.

Since my granddaughter and my pain management medical doctor referred me to The Health and Wellness Center, I feel wonderful! I can stand, walk, and live a normal life again!

I am 80 years old and I feel like a kid again. It is great!”

-Shirley D.

“Being a massage therapist and in the field of health and wellness, I have always realized the benefits of regular chiropractic care. I became a patient of Dr Bill’s in August 2003 when my persistent lower back pain was not relieved by pills, heat or ice. Furthermore, as I massaged my clients the pain was increased. I felt 90 years old.

Within a few weeks of my adjustment with Dr Bill I experienced significant relief from my discomfort and 5 years later, I have been able to keep myself healthy with regular adjustments.

It not only helped my back pain but I also have less headaches, less sinus irritation/infections, less jaw/TMJ pain, and less arm pain and soreness after performing lots of massages. I recommend anyone to get checked and see how your body can benefit from chiropractic adjustments!

-Stan M.

“I began chiropractic care with Dr Bill with no specific complaints or pains. After understanding the benefits and results of personal chiropractic care, I decided to begin a program of care to improve on my health. The office staff is great. They are friendly, warm and efficient.

I am very pleased with my own results since beginning care. I now feel more relaxed, sleep better, and have more skill and energy when playing sports. Dr Bill is thorough and seriously concerned about his patients.

I have encouraged many others to seek out chiropractic for a better life.”

-Daniel M.

“After visiting other doctors and using ear drops, I visited Dr Bill with a loss of hearing and a continuous ringing in my right ear. The loss of hearing had become increasingly irritating and it was causing me to ask my patients to repeat what they said to me.

Since beginning care, I feel great! The ringing stopped COMPLETELY in just 2 days. My hearing also became much better than it originally was! The effective technique Dr Bill used was very gentle and very effective in restoring my hearing.

I plan to continue care to say healthy and I tell everyone about Dr Bill’s method.”

-Dr Jarroush

“I first became a patient of Dr Bill in November 2006 for back pain and frequent headaches. I tried pills, heat and even ice with no lasting relief. The pain affected my home life, it limited my activities and made things less fun.

Now I feel great and I’m getting better all the time. The holistic, intelligent approach is beautiful! Get adjusted, it works and you’ll like it!

The office is always clean, professional and oh so soothing. The water features and music are so relaxing. The informational material on health and wellness are excellent.

I believe the most beneficial things that I have gained from my experience as a patient are being able to enjoy pain free, improved mobility, and the improvement in my posture and reduction in my “granny” hump at the base of my neck and shoulders. Thank you for caring for me and my family!”

-Lynn R.
Registered Nurse

“I enjoy the positive staff and office environment. After my first few visits my pain decreased dramatically. The greatest benefit has been the ability to wake up in the morning without severe lower back pain and stiffness.

The ability to live without pain has made all aspects of my daily activities more enjoyable. The most surprising results have been the improvement in my golf game. I can now play sports and exercise with increased flexibility, better balance and improved performance.”

-Dan B.