How We Are Different

“All Chiropractic doctors are not the same…”

Along with traditional chiropractic adjustments, we utilize a highly specialized, vitalistic chiropractic technique developed by health pioneer Dr Tedd Koren. The Health and Wellness Center is one of only a few practices in the State of New Jersey.

Gentle and Specific Corrections

The precision and accuracy of our diagnostic equipment allows for a gentle and comfortable spinal correction. We do provide safe, gentle and effective traditional chiropractic adjustments for our practice members daily; but with KST, there is no twisting, or “popping”.

Long Term Results

KST is very gentle and yet very powerful. Patients usually notice dramatic changes from the first visit. Your body will likely hold its corrections for a much longer time with KST, so your adjustments hold longer.

Proactive Approach

Our highly sensitive equipment can detect a problem before it affects your body, so you don’t miss a step.

In Different Postures

A major advantage of KST is that it permits you to be analyzed and adjusted in different postures: standing, sitting, lying down and/or in the position of injury or dysfunction/subluxation. This is very important because sometimes a subluxation can only be observed when you are in a certain posture. For example, if a person was in a car accident, their subluxations may only be revealed and completely corrected while they are seated.


Every adjustment and care plan is tailored to the individual patient’s needs. KST’s vitalistic approach allows you to receive the most specific correction each adjustment based upon your body’s biofeedback for each visit.

Verified and Objective Corrections

Corrections are verified with special equipment including surface emg and infrared thermography to ensure that a correction has been achieved. Computerized neurological testing is performed on all patients initially to establish a functional baseline and throughout care to objectively monitor progress.

“To see is to know and to not know is to guess, and we never guess with your health.”